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Pesticides and agrochemicals to be easier imported to Ukraine December 4, 2020

Pesticides and agrochemicals to be easier imported to Ukraine

The Parliament of Ukraine has adopted in the first reading a bill that improves certain legislative provisions of the Law On Pesticides and Agrochemicals.

The bill introduces the following critical amendments into the existing law, specifically:

- it abolishes the mandatory state registration of pesticide or agrochemical in the country-manufacturer with the purpose of importing the experimental batches of such pesticides or agrochemicals required for trials, laboratory researches and further state registration thereof into Ukraine. Thus, the state-of-the-art products being under the registration procedure in the country-manufacturer as well as the products that cannot be registered in the country-manufacturer due to the absence in that country of pests or crops for which the pesticide or agrochemical is intended for, shall be allowed to the territory of Ukraine;

- it specifies the methods of using a pesticide or agrochemical within two years after the expiration of their registration period, which includes not only usage of a pesticide or agrochemical, but also storage, trade, advertising and transportation.

According to the explanatory note to the bill, its adoption will provide an opportunity to use new state-of-the-art products, which is supposed to increase crop yield, save the harvest and improve its quality. Additionally, it will eliminate conflicts of law, ensure the same understanding and application of the provisions of the Law.

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