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MSP is rated among leaders by IAM Patent 1000 August 23, 2021

MSP is rated among leaders by IAM Patent 1000

According to the ranking research program held by IAM Patent 1000, our company has established itself as a leader among Ukrainian IP firms again. According to the IAM Patent 1000 website: "The firm files in large numbers at both a national and international level, and maintains a good presence both locally and across the Russian-speaking region."

Moreover, the founder of the company Mr. Valentin Mikhailyuk and the managing partner Mr. Vadim Mikhailyuk were admitted for their company progress in the worldwide market as well as for their particular contribution to the development of the Ukrainian IP industry.

The research program takes into account the following factors: the expertise, volume of the work performed per year, as well as positive feedback from colleagues and clients.

We are grateful to the experts of the international research program IAM Patent 1000 for the recognition of our company, as well as to the companies which took part in the editorial survey and appreciated the high level of our services.