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Recordal of changes in Eurasia

According to the Eurasian patent legislation a request for the recordal of change of the applicant's name and/or address in respect of an application may be filed after filing an application till publication period that starts immediately upon paying the official fees for grant and publication and lasts from 3 to 6 months. In case said period is over it is possible to proceed with the recordal of change only in respect of a patent.

The documents required for the recordal of change of the applicant's/patent owner's name and/or address in respect of one Eurasian application/patent are as follows:

1) one document confirming the change of name and/or address, for example, an extract from the company register, etc. Under the requirements of the Eurasian patent legislation the confirmation document should obligatory contain information on both old and new names and/or addresses;

2) one Power of Attorney from the applicant/patent owner with indication of the new company name, which should be signed and stamped with specifying authorized person's name and corporate position; notarization or legalization is not required, unless it is signed by an authorized signatory.

In accordance with the requirements of the Eurasian Patent Office it is sufficient to provide scanned copies of the aforesaid documents.

The procedure of change recordal takes about 2 months. As soon as the change is recorded a Decision on change is issued.