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Free online trademark search

Our online trademark search tool allows identifying whether there are similar or identical registered trademarks and filed trademark applications in the country (IP Office) of interest. Our online trademark search includes Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Lithuanian, Georgian, Uzbek and Kazakh TM databases which are updated on a regular basis. Using our trademark search tool you can reveal the wordmarks which may be opposed to your trademark application at the examination stage.

You can check your trademark for free using the trademark search tool below.

Preliminary online trademark search is an ultimate tool at the stage of trademark developing. The trademark search tool will help you to choose the unique trademark name which will not infringe the IP rights of third parties.

After conducting the preliminary online trademark search and choosing the most suitable trademark variant, it is recommended to carry out the full trademark search, conducted by the specialists of our company, that allows checking more accurately the existence of similar or identical trademarks, either national or international ones. The result of such full trademark search is the detailed report with the revealed trademarks that may interfere with your TM registration and recommendations as to further proceedings.

To order a full trademark identity and similarity search conducted by our specialists or for consultation in respect of IP matters in the ex-USSR countries, please contact us in any way convenient for you.

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