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Patent and Trademark Attorneys

IP lawyers

in Ukraine, Russia, Eurasia and other countries of the former Soviet Union countries

Intellectual Property lawyers of Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and Partners are experienced in provision of the high quality legal advice and handling disputes related to IP matters in Ukraine, Russia, Eurasia and other countries of the former Soviet Union countries.

Core competences of our IP lawyers

1. IP right protection for national and international trademarks, patents, designs copyrights and domain names:

  • consulting and developing strategy in respect of IP right protection;
  • preparing the evidence base concerning infringement of IP rights (investigation and market monitoring, control purchase conducting, Internet page notary certification arrangement, gathering the official data/ documents from the competent bodies/ organizations);
  • preparing and sending the cease and desist letters, conducting the negotiation with the infringers for dispute settlement;
  • initiating and legal support of the lawsuits (preparing and filing the legal claims, representation before courts of all instances);
  • representation before anti-monopoly authorities;
  • representation before police and public prosecutor's office;
  • recordal of the IP objects in the custom register and further representation in the custom procedures;
  • representation of the client's interests in the cases initiated by the third parties.

2. Oppositions, invalidation and cancellation procedures:

  • consulting and development of the optimal case strategy, securing and gathering of the necessary evidence;
  • preparing, filing and further support of the oppositions in the administrative proceedings;
  • appealing the decisions of the Patent and Trademark Offices;
  • initiation and support of the court cases as for the invalidation and cancellation of the IP objects including the non-use trademark revocation.

3. IP lawyers of Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and Partners also provide consulting and support in the cases as for the IP right disposition:

  • preparing the agreements as for the creation and disposition of IP rights;
  • preparing the co-existence agreements;
  • conducting the negotiations and transaction support as for the domain transfer.

If you need legal advice or require any assistance in respect of IP right in Ukraine, Russia, or any other countries where we operate please contact us, our lawyers would be pleased to assist you.

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