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Before filing the request for state registration of the pesticides and agricultural chemicals it is advisable to conduct the patent search and to register the corresponding trademark.

Patent searches

The patent search should be conducted in order to determine the expediency of registration, patent clearance and state of the market of pesticides and agrochemicals. The main purpose of the patent search is to find patents for an invention (utility model) valid as well as published applications relating to the main objects of the search (active ingredient and/or pesticide composition). Thus, the subject of the search is the determination of the legal status of the active ingredient and/or agrochemical composition in the field of accessible patent documents relevant to the object of the search.

Patent search

The retrospective of the search constitutes 25 years. When carrying out searches our specialists use the following sources of the patent information:

  • online database of the European Patent Office;
  • online database of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO);
  • online database of the Russian Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Rospatent);
  • online database of the US Patent and Trademark Office;
  • online database of the Eurasian Patent Office;
  • the open State Register of the registered pesticides and agrochemicals permitted to be used.

Trademark registration

In order to protect the unique name of the pesticide preparation and agrochemical under which the registered product will be offered for circulation it is vital to register the corresponding trademark. Upon the TM registration there will be issued the Certificate for a mark for goods and services, which gives its owner the right to use the trademark as well as the exclusive right to forbid its usage by third parties.

The registered trademark allows individualising the pesticide products and secures against illegal usage.

Trademark registration

Therefore, if your company requires assistance in respect of registration or extension of registration of pesticides and agrochemicals, conducting patent search as well as registration of a trademark in CIS coutries we would be pleased to provide you with these services.

For further information in respect of the above-mentioned issues, please feel free to contact us.