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Trademark refusal and opposition agents of Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and Partners successfully represent the trademark rights of clients in trademark refusals, oppositions and cancellation issues in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union countries. Our professionals provide clients with the most reasonable strategy and its realization to overcome the issues of different complexity.

Core competences of the Trademark Refusal and Opposition Department are:

  • analysis of the preliminary and final refusals, as well as oppositions filed against client's application; initiation of the trademark cancelation;
  • drafting detailed report to the client, including comprehensive situation analysis as well as development of the reasonable strategy and advising client with the set of actions required to resolve the situation;
  • provision of recommendations to the client in respect of the materials necessary for filing a response to the refusal, office action or opposition, checking the documents as to the conformity with the stipulated requirements;
  • preparation and filing of the response to the preliminary refusal (office action, opposition, etc.), reporting the clients upon filing and keeping them informed as to the developments in respect of the case;
  • negotiations with the owners of opposed trademarks in order to obtain letter of consent, assignment of rights or voluntary withdrawal of the opposed trademark registration; drafting the letters of consent/declarations;
  • consulting clients in respect of protectability of the sign, possibility of its registration as a trademark and conformity with legislation and current practice of the trademark office in Ukraine, Russia and other countries;
  • evaluation of possibility and reasonability of obtainment of the letter of consent, filing oppositions, evaluation of chances to overcome refusals or to file oppositions;
  • monitoring application workflow and deadlines in the internal and trademark office databases;
  • consulting with trademark office experts in respect of reasonable strategy to overcome the refusal in case of challenging and complicated issues;
  • filing oppositions on behalf of clients, representation of their interests during opposition pendency; strategy analysis; preparing arguments for oppositions; monitoring and controlling the trademark office's decision in respect of said opposition; negotiation with opponent, if required.

If you have any questions or require any assistance in respect of trademark refusal or opposition matters in Ukraine, Russia, or any other countries where we operate please contact us, our professionals would be pleased to assist you.

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