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Trademark in Kazakhstan The government authority conducting the state registration and issuing the corresponding Certificates is Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In accordance with the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "About the plant protection" each pesticide and agrochemical should be subject to researches and get approval for state registration and issuance of the Certificate.

Inclusion into the test schedule

Pesticides registration procedure in Kazakhstan starts also from the registration trials and tests. In order to be included into the test schedule of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan it is necessary to file the corresponding request as well as the following documents before March 1 of the current year:

  • the information about the pesticide preparation (file/dossier);
  • a methodology of the identification of the residual amounts of the pesticide preparation in agricultural products, in the air, in the water and in the soil;
  • the normative of the content of the pesticide preparation in the crop products and in the environment;
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on the pesticide preparation from a manufacturer;
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the pesticide preparation and on the active ingredient from a manufacturer;
  • a methodology of identification of the active ingredient in the preparation;
  • Power of Attorney from the applicant to the representative.

Studies and tests

After submitting of said documents it is necessary to file the requests for conduction of toxicological, biological and manufacturing studies in order to verify and confirm the stability of the biological and economic effectiveness of the recommended consumption of the pesticide preparation. Said studies are conducted during two vegetation periods in case of the registration of the pesticide preparation that contains the active ingredient, which is the part of the pesticide preparation well-known in Kazakhstan, and during three vegetation periods in case of the registration of the pesticide preparation with new active ingredient.

The next step is the importation of required test samples, conduction of custom clearance procedure and delivering the samples to the research institutes. When the samples are provided the institutes carry out required studies.

When the studies are conducted and all the results are obtained it is necessary to file the request about the state registration of the pesticide preparation with the Ministry of Agriculture together with the following documents:

  • the results of the registration trials and tests;
  • the results of the manufacturing studies;
  • sample of the label on the preparation;
  • instructions of safe use of the pesticide preparation.

Simultaneously, the materials on the pesticide preparation are forwarded to the sanitary-hygienic control authorities (the Ministry of Health Protection and the Ministry of the Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan) in order to approve the registration.


After conduction all the required examinations the resolution about the necessity of the registration of the preparation is issued and the product is included to the State Register.

In case the Ministry of Agriculture considers that the information on the pesticide preparation or other information regarding the pesticide is insufficient the preparation is registered for two years and then it is necessary to provide additional information and to conduct additional studies in order to register the preparation for ten years.

Pay attention

Before initiating the registration procedure of the pesticide preparation and agricultural chemical it is advisable to conduct the patent search and to register the corresponding trademark. For more details please click here.

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