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Trademark in Ukraine It is known that before using, selling, importing, advertising or storing the pesticide and agrochemical in the territory of Ukraine it is necessary to get the Registration Certificate. Our company would be pleased to assist you with registration of your products. The registration of pesticides and agrochemicals is conducted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and consists of the following steps:

1. Inclusion of the product into the trial schedule

The pesticide and agrochemical registration procedure begins with the pre-registration researches. In order to conduct such researches, the product should be included in the trial schedule of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

To be included in the schedule of the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources the following documents should be filed before March 25 of the current year:

  • detailed information on the pesticide preparation (file/dossier);
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on the pesticide preparation from a manufacturer;
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the pesticide preparation and on the active ingredient from a manufacturer;
  • methodology of identification of the active ingredient in the preparation in accordance with the CIPAC methodology;
  • ecotoxicity summary;
  • power of attorney from the applicant to the representative.

2. Conduction of pre-registration studies and tests

After inclusion of the product into the schedule a request for testing of the pesticide preparation is filed to the institutes which prepare toxicity assessment and hygienic testing as well as biological trials. These studies are carried out during one vegetation period in case of the registration of the pesticide preparation that contains the active ingredient, which is the part of the pesticide preparation well-known in Ukraine, and during two vegetation periods in case of the registration of the pesticide preparation with new active ingredient.

According to the state test schedule and to the research program of the institutes, the Ministry of Ecology issues permission for experimental samples importation. After importation of experimental samples, the corresponding institutes conduct the studies of the pesticide preparation.

3. Examination

After conduction of the required studies the institutes issue the corresponding reports. The report on hygienic and toxicological studies is forwarded to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Protection while the report on bioassay is forwarded to the Ministry of Ecology for examination. After examination said government authorities issue the resolution according to the results of the above-mentioned studies.

4. Registration

Thereafter the request to register the pesticide preparation is filed with the Ministry of Ecology together with the following documents:

  • the results of the toxicological, hygienic and biological studies;
  • the resolution issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Protection;
  • a sample of the label;
  • a methodology of identification of the residual amounts of the pesticide preparation in agricultural products, in the air, in the water and in the soil;
  • instructions for safe use of the pesticide preparation;
  • methods of disposal and destruction of the pesticide preparation.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources conducts the examination of provided materials and in accordance with the results of said examination issues the Certificate about state registration of the pesticide preparation.

In case the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources considers that the information about the pesticide preparation or other information regarding the pesticide preparation is insufficient or there is the lack of toxicological/ecotoxicological data on the pesticide preparation the product is registered for two years (so called experimental registration). During the experimental registration it is possible to conduct additional required studies and according to the results of the studies the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources may consider to register the preparation for ten years.

Pay attention

Since 2014 applicants should guarantee that upon state registration of the claimed product the intellectual property rights of third parties covered by the Patent of Ukraine will not be infringed.

Thus, before initiating the registration procedure of the pesticides or agrochemicals it is necessary to conduct the patent search and it is advisable to register the corresponding trademark. For more details please click here.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • conduction of patent searches of active ingredients as well as end use products;
  • conduction of searches in State Registers of registered pesticide products;
  • preparing application materials including translation thereof, completing the full dossier of the application materials, drawing up the corresponding requests, filing the application;
  • negotiation with government authorities and research institutes during prosecution, supporting the application during the registration process;
  • customs clearance and delivery of the product samples to research institutes;
  • obtainment of the research reports from the institutes, forwarding reports to the examination boards, etc.

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