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Validation of European patent in Estonia

European patent covers 44 contracting countries including extension and validation states. Meanwhile, it is valid automatically in the territory of France, Germany, Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland and United Kingdom only. If the patent protection is required in the territory of other contracting countries there are several conditions for the patent that must be met namely, it is necessary to submit translation of the patent into the national language, power of a local attorney and to pay a prescribed fee to the Patent Office of the country of interest. This process is called validation of European patent.

Our company offers the European patent validation service in Estonia. The deadline for filing the validation request to Estonian Patent Office is 3 months from the publication of mention of grant of the European patent in the European Patent Bulletin.

There are also translation requirements for validation of European patent in Estonia. It is necessary to submit a full text translation of the patent into Estonian language to the Patent Office.

The Power of Attorney simply signed and stamped by the patent proprietor has to be filed to the Patent Office for further proceedings in respect of European patent validation in Estonia.

If you have any questions regarding European patent validation in Estonia, please contact us, we will be pleased to help.