Reduction of the official fees in Georgia                    December 26, 2014

Lithuania changes LTL to EUR currency as of January 1, 2015                    December 18, 2014

The Eurasian Economic Union – New Stage of the Regional Intellectual Property Integration                    December 5, 2014

Amendments to the official fees in Russian Federation on computer programs, databases and topographies of integral circuits                    November 12, 2014

Amendments to official fees in Uzbekistan                    October 29, 2014

Trademark and design online filing system has been launched by the Lithuanian Patent Office                    October 28, 2014

Change of criterion applied in respect of requests for restoration of the right of priority in the Russian and Estonian Patent Offices as Receiving Offices                    October 28, 2014

Substantial changes in the Russian IP Legislation                    October 8, 2014

Trademark online filing system at the Latvian Patent Office                    September 29, 2014

ePCT-Filing available at the Eurasian Patent Office                    September 29, 2014

Amendments in Belarusian legislation                    September 24, 2014

Amendments in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation due to the Crimea's annexation                    August 31, 2014

Amendments to the official trademark fees in Azerbaijan                    August 22, 2014

Approval of the national symbols associated with protected geographical indications, protected appellations of origin and guaranteed traditional products in Moldova                    August 22, 2014

The Estonian Patent Office has launched the official e-portal                    July 22, 2014

Sakpatenti is specified as a Searching Authority                    June 30, 2014

The Moldavian State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) officially launched the web service ″Online Filing of Applications for Registration of Intellectual Property Objects″                    June 18, 2014

″IP protection system in Russia″ Seminar in China                    May 28, 2014

″Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and Partners″ presented its concept ″Light IP″ at the International Trademark Association (INTA) 136th annual meeting                    May 28, 2014

Government simplifies importation of plant protection products into the territory of Ukraine                    May 23, 2014

Lithuania closes its national route via PCT                    May 16, 2014

The plant varieties included into the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine are included as the annex into the State Register of Selection Achievements of the Russian Federation                    May 15, 2014

New Law for pesticides in the Russian Federation                    May 14, 2014

The necessity of cancellation of quarantine permission for importation of seeds has been discussed in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine                    May 1, 2014

FAO Office may be opened in Ukraine                    April 29, 2014

The procedure of obtainment of the quarantine certificate will be simplified in Ukraine                    April 23, 2014

The scope of accreditation of the Belarus Patent Office has been expanded                    April 18, 2014

Intellectual Property alteration due to the Civil Code amendments in Russian Federation                    March 31, 2014

Accession of the Republic of Belarus to the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks                    March 14, 2014

Uzbekistan cancellation of reservation to Berne Convention                    February 28, 2014

Changes and additions to the Law "On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin" in Kyrgyzstan                    February 18, 2014

Amendments in the application form for state registration of pesticide in Ukraine        February 6, 2014

New online registration system at Sakpatenti        January 31, 2014

Official patent and trademark fees in Belarus have been amended as of January 1, 2014        January 14, 2014

The pilot program Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between the Russian and Portuguese Patent Offices starts on January 2, 2014        January 2, 2014